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VFIS Story | Dear Future Me,

Dear Future Me,..

The challenging road of a 10-year-old girl's life must take me a long time, isn't it? And there are probably still many difficulties and opportunities waiting for me to intertwine ahead. 

Do you remember the year 2021, when many doctors and nurses took care of each patient, while the family eats and sleeps restlessly? Many sick people are in the hospital, and get to see the warm faces of the family through short conversations.  Almost all kids don't go to school.  Many people lost their jobs and lost their families.

Those years of suffering have helped me endure more in need. I'm wondering, how will I change myself for the next year?

If I can go to school next year, I can meet my best friends again. Ido love the feeling of being reunited. When I gather with my family in Nha Trang, I will be very happy. 

I wish you a happy, good and peaceful 6th grade year. 

Your 5th grade girl,
Do Bao Uyen