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Graduation Speech by La Lam Khue

Hello to every Parents, Teachers and student. 

My name is Mina, and I’m from 5C. I’m very delighted to stay here and on behalf of the student to say thank you at the end of your ceremony. There’s just so many things to say and I’m confused about what to speak. So I’m telling you a story. My own story. 

Two years ago, my family moved to Ho Chi Minh City. My Parents spent a lot of time looking for my new school. And they chose VFIS. So for me, VFIS isn’t just a school, it’s a new adventure. 


At first, I was really sad to leave. I mean, I can’t happily LEAVE my childhood friends! But when I got into VFIS, I saw so many things. I saw helpful staff and nice friends. Not only did they help me to blend in, they also created a new adventure for me. 

I’ve had 2 amazing years here. I would want to say thank you to all my teachers, especially Ms. Ngoc, Ms. Phuc, Ms.Laura, Mr.Matt. I’d also like to thank the staff for keeping VFIS safe and clean, and making meals. Moreover, thank you to my friends and students who have been good friends and encourage each other to study every day. Although the pandemic had affected our school year, we still had a good time. And finally, I am grateful for my Parents who have always accompanied me in every step of my development. 

I would like to end my gratitude by wishing health and peace to everyone.

Have a great summer, see you next year. PEACE!