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Let’s raise your hands and ask any questions

Ms. Paula - Special Needs Teacher and guidance counselor at Vietnam - Finland International School (VFIS) had a few words to celebrate Vietnam Teachers' Day, shared more learning experiences and gave advice to Vietnamese students in the new era. 

“Regarding the biggest difference between Finland and Vietnam, I would say that of course here I can see that, especially in our school, we have really small class sizes, which is not common in Finland. And also here I can see that many students are quite afraid to ask any questions. So that is something I would like to teach them and convince them and kind of encourage them that “Hey! You have a right to ask questions. So any time you don’t know, you have a right to know. So please, raise your hands and ask any questions.”

And also in Finland, we do a lot of projects together in a group with other classmates. And also I feel that here the most traditional way is more like individual learning that you are just learning by yourself, maybe not in a group or with your partner. So I can see that we can also learn from each other and from our partner, and when we communicate with each other, that’s the best way of learning also. So, kind of like, using different methods in learning. And also in Finland, we use a lot of different learning environments that we think that also teaches us a lot. That we don’t necessarily have to always be inside the school building. 

I have really enjoyed my time here, especially, that’s the reason why I chose to come to Vietnam because I used to have a one customer like one year ago who i worked with, and she was from Vietnam and then I really got impressed about her politeness and kindness and I thought I really would like to see and experience that kind of kindness what she has and now I am here and I am really convinced that is true. 

So, I really enjoy working here also with my working colleagues because it’s really easy to know that they are always willing to learn from you and at the same time, they are really polite colleagues. So I can’t complain. And also with the parents, they show respect towards you and especially respect for the teachers that makes our work so much easier. 

I feel that the most important goal for me is that I would send this message to all Vietnamese students that they should find the balance in their daily life. That’s so important that your life is not only about studying and reading and preparing for the test, it’s also about enjoying your life and setting the goals and being with your friends and spending time with your family and doing the things that you enjoy. In the end, your mental health is really really important in your life. 

The message that I want to deliver to all Vietnamese teachers is: Of course that you’re all doing really important work. I really appreciate all my colleagues, and we just want to see all the students as individuals, they are all important after strengths and weaknesses. Our job is to find every students’ strengths and support them in the best way we can so that they are able to succeed. 


About Ms. Paula Takala

Dear all, 

My name is Paula Takala. I have a strong background in music and special education with more than several years of international experience. I have helped students to achieve their potential from primary years to adult education. My past work in Finland consisted of consulting and coaching educators on recognizing special educational needs in immigrants. Also, I planned and conducted assignments and tests for immigrants and provided support and guidance for them in collaboration with multi-professional experts. 

My desire to continue working in an international environment and meeting wonderful people from Vietnam brought me here at VFIS. I am more than willing to use the skills that I have gained in special education over the past years in favor of VFIS students and the whole school community. I am looking for a memorable time ahead around the friendliest people I have ever met.
If you have any questions regarding your child’s development or learning, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s overcome the challenges together and make everyone’s learning a pleasant experience.