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Billionaire Peter Vesterbacka brought the inspirational entrepreneurship story to students of Vietnam - Finland International School
Talking with VFIS students, Mr. Peter Vesterbacka had answered the concerns of the students about issues around entrepreneurship from the inspirational story of his careers.
Giving is forever
Thanks to the parents for accompanying their children to this humanitarian activity, which motivates the students to do better for the community and society.
Early Tet at VFIS
To celebrate and welcome the year of Cat – 2023, the VFIS successfully held up a meaningful Tet fair
Exciting atmosphere at vfis winter wonderland festival
Teachers and students at VFIS has completed ended the year 2022 with a very exciting Winter Festival event that included a variety of  activities such as: “A peaceful winter"
Information Day: Finland - The Best Education In The World
We would like to invite you to attend the Information Day on Saturday, January 7th, 2023.
Celebrating Vietnamese National Teachers' Day
Besides those beautiful wishes that the VFIS Students sent to the dear teachers, on the morning of November 18th,
The VFIS Book Festival 
In the VFIS community, the first VFIS Book Festival of 2022, brought engaging and worthwhile activities to our VFIS students,
Talkshow "Life skills for you" -  speaker Ngo Thi Thanh Tien
On top of our academic development and learning, life skills are considered indispensable assets on the way to growing up for all students.
VFIS Students approach to international university program
In November 2022, VFIS welcomed international universities from many countries
Message from the Acting Head of School on Vietnamese National Teachers’ Day - November 20, 2022.
On the occasion of Vietnamese National Teachers’ Day, I deeply appreciate your enthusiasm and efforts for our school. Your dedication and hard work in bringing extraordinary life lessons and valuable knowledge to our students are worthy of respect and greatly valued.
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