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Bustling Tet Fair 2024 at the Vietnam - Finland International School

Celebrating the Lunar New Year 2024, on the delightful afternoon of February 1, 2024, the Vietnam - Finland International School (VFIS) brought together a joyful group of parents, teachers, and students to organize the Xuan Giap Thin Festival. This vibrant event showcased a myriad of activities deeply rooted in Vietnamese traditions such as: Tet market, Spring celebration performances, New Year wishes calligraphy, wrapping Chung cake, designing Tet cards, painting Tet decorations, and participating in fun and festive folk games. Notably, through all the charity fundraising booths, enabling VFIS students to apply their knowledge into practical action and be able to express their gratitude and love towards the community, truly embodying the spirit of integration, solidarity, and compassion that thrives at VFIS.

The Tet Fair 2024 unfolded with great enthusiasm, echoing with laughter and joy. It served as a precious opportunity for us to cherish the wonderful traditions of Tet while bringing the VFIS community closer together. As we reflect upon our achievements from the past year, we are filled with determination to continue fostering a nurturing learning environment. With a promise of a new year filled with peace and countless new wonders, we stride forward under the harmonious and joyful roof of VFIS.