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Characteristics of VFIS students

1.Balanced: A healthy and happy human being is academically, socially, psychologically and physically balanced. The school nurtures a healthy and safe learning environment where everyone feels accepted.


2.Bilingual: We ensure that our students in the bilingual program will become proficient in English and Vietnamese upon graduation. International students have the choice of studying Vietnamese as a foreign language and also achieving proficiency. In addition, students have the choice to study a variety of foreign languages.


3.Global: We enable students to be global citizens who have the knowledge, competences and skills to cooperate in an international environment. 


4.Open-minded: We inspire curiosity and critical thinking but also educate our students to appreciate their own culture, values and traditions as well as the cultures of others. 


5.Collaborative: We believe that knowledge and skills are best constructed in collaboration with other people. Learning takes place in interaction with others peers, teachers and other adults as well as with the surrounding community at large. We encourage students to share their knowledge with others. 


6.Successful: We inspire students to set goals in any learning activities they undertake. Students focus on their goals and commit to the steps that lead to success. This is how students build a strong foundation for individual growth, skills and competence development. 


7.Creative: We are confident that creative students can easily react to changing circumstances in life by being able to find new solutions to any problem. Our curriculum is designed to encourage students to think outside the box. 


8.Digitally adept: Digital citizenship is one of the most important elements of our education. We understand that students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in the community. Our program ensures that information technology is deeply incorporated into teaching and learning as a tool and as a subject. 


9.A Leader: Leadership plays an important role in students’ lives. It helps students to accept challenges and solve problems and hence it is very important for their development and happiness. At VFIS, we understand this and model leadership skills that nurture the whole community to always achieve the best possible learning outcomes.


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