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Vietnam - Finland International School organized the study abroad consulting and information Day 2023

On March 21, 2023, the Vietnam - Finland International School (VFIS) in collaboration with The International Cooperation, Research & Training Institute (INCRETI) of Ton Duc Thang University successfully organized the study abroad consulting and information Day 2023. People in attendance at the event included the leaders of TDTU, VFIS and representatives of 23 educational institutions and universities that are close partners of TDTU from Finland, Canada, Australia, the UK, USA, New Zealand, and nearly 500 TDTU students and VFIS students and their parents.

This event is an opportunity for parents and students to meet and discuss directly with the representatives of the leading universities abroad to learn about specific study programs, learning and living environment, as well as criteria to receive scholarships from international universities, thereby helping them have more motivation to study and have the appropriate future orientation when they are  VFIS students.

Career orientation and study abroad consulting is a core activity in the curriculum at VFIS, which are reflected in a variety of activities, including the study abroad consulting day held annually at the school’s campus. In particular, not only are the students directly admitted to TDTU after completing the High School Program, VFIS students also have the opportunity to become students of TDTU's partner universities around the world. The students and their families have enough information to orient their careers and study opportunities to higher levels in an international environment after graduating from VFIS.



Dr. Tuomo Jaakkonen - Acting Head of VFIS giving the opening speech.


Dr. Stacey Farraway - Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University (Australia) inspiring a dream of studying abroad to VFIS students.


Dr. Dinh Hoanh Bach, Director of INCRETI presenting flowers to representatives of foreign universities.


VFIS students performing to celebrate the event.



Parents and students exchanging information with representatives of universities.